• Covid-19 Situation Gets Worse in Indonesia, Several Dead due to Oxygen Shortage

    Covid-19 Situation Gets Worse in Indonesia, Several Dead due to Oxygen Shortage

    Jakarta: World’s fourth-largest population country Indonesia has recorded more than 60 deaths due to a shortage of oxygen last week in hospitals of Indonesia as per the report.

    The highly populated country is struggling with the Delta variant. As per the government sources the country reported 29,745 new cases on July 5 bringing the total cases to 2,313,829. A total of 61, 140 people have lost their lives due to covid-19.

    To curb the spread of the virus the islands of Bali and Java including the capital Jakarta went under complete lockdown on Saturday, as per the report of CNN.

    The Authority of Sardjito hospital said around 63 patients died between Saturday and early Sunday after it exhausted its oxygen supply.

    Indonesian Health Minister Budi Gunadi Sadikin said, “The country has seen a dramatic increase in confirmed cases after the festive holidays. This variant hits everyone, not only children but also adults. If we compare it with the previous wave, the number of confirmed cases has increased significantly faster in both adults and children.”

    To deal with the pandemic the Indonesian government is now transforming Jakarta stadium into a hospital, with a capacity of 5,000 additional beds. The administration is also recruiting newly graduated nurses and doctors across the country to treat patients with coronavirus.

    Already the ministry overseeing the covid-19 situation has ordered the gas industry to priorities the production of medical oxygen to fulfil the estimated demand of 800 metric tonnes every day.