• From music to women's education, all banned in Afghanistan under Sharia law: Taliban

    From music to women's education, all banned in Afghanistan under Sharia law: Taliban

    Kabul: In the latest development, the Taliban's acting Minister for higher education, Abdul Baqi Haqqani, stated that co-education would be discontinued in Afghanistan under the Sharia law.

    Additionally, Minister Haqqani stated that education in Afghanistan would be imparted according to Sharia law; male teachers will not teach female students.

    The report said that this move by the Taliban would hamper the future of the Afghan girls wanting to pursue higher education, as major universities in Afghanistan would not provide different classes due to a shortage of resources.

    In a Twitter post, Afghan journalist Bashir Ahmad Gwakh wrote, "Taliban officially announced a ban on co-education. 'Men not allowed to teach girls, 'Taliban Higher Education Minister says—This will effectively deprive girls of higher education because universities cannot afford it nor there are enough human resources."

    Moreover, the Taliban have also commanded all the media houses and radio channels not to broadcast music or any other programs featuring female voices.

    Notably, after the Taliban took over Afghanistan on August 15, some media houses had already removed their female anchors, sources said.

    Journalist Hollis McKay recently fled from Afghanistan and claimed that Taliban members are going house-to-house in Afghanistan searching for women and girls over 15 years of age for marriage.

    Notably, the Taliban urged all female healthcare workers to return to work; a few days later, the Taliban spokesperson stated that women should stay at home as Taliban fighters presently are not trained to respect women.

    Reportedly, the Taliban also announced that singers and filmmakers would have to switch their profession if it goes against the Sharia law.