• Mysterious ‘meteor’ explosion turns sky green in Turkey

    Mysterious ‘meteor’ explosion turns sky green in Turkey

    Ankara: A mysterious ‘meteor’ hovering across the sky, exploded turning the sky green. People of Izmir in Turkey were shocked after hearing an explosion and later seeing the sky turn bright-green.

    Internet users started sharing images and videos of a ‘meteor’ hurled to the ground that blew up and eventually changed the sky’s color to bright green for a few seconds. The apocalyptic yet fascinating visuals have now gone viral on all social media platforms.

    A user Ehsan Elahi sharing the visuals of the ‘meteor’ exclaimed, “A green #meteor was seen over #Ismir #Turkey. This is not a meteor, just a tiny/demo missile/bomb shot from a satellite. Notice the fire as meteor enters the earth’s atmosphere.”

    Following this unexplained display of a ‘heavenly’ explosion, social media platforms were rife with speculations of a UFO sighting.

    However, a Turkish astrophysics professor Dr. Hasan Ali Dal brought down the excitement quotient a little bit with his inferences. Quoted by LADBible, he said that meteors tend to heat up when they enter the earth's atmosphere. "It usually burns away in the atmosphere. It should be considered a more specific version of the phenomenon known as a 'shooting star' among the people and it is often experienced during the period of meteorite rains."

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