• Over 200 Taliban militants killed in US airstrike

    Over 200 Taliban militants killed in US airstrike

    Kabul: Officials in Afghanistan's Herat province have confirmed the death of at least 200 Afghan militants in a subsequent airstrike carried by the US military. The attack was carried out to prevent the Taliban's advance in Herat, the city with the same name as the province.

    The insurgent group has been rapidly advancing into the interiors of Afghanistan. The Taliban captured Gozara district, some 15 kilometers away from Herat city, following which the US attacked the group to prevent them from advancing further.

    “Giant B-52 plane of the US air force dropped bombs on Taliban positions, killing at least 200 militants in the attack,” provincial spokesman Jilani Farhad said on Saturday. Neither the US troops nor Taliban officials have commented on the allegations. Last week, five Taliban terrorists were also killed in airstrikes carried out by the US in several provinces in Afghanistan.

    Over the last few weeks, the Taliban captured several districts, including Takhar, Afghanistan's northeastern province. The insurgent group has also taken over 10 key border crossing points, leading to a complete shutdown of cross-border movements and trade in these areas.

    *Inputs from ANI