• Pakistan PM Imran Khan gets trolled, says ‘India’s population is 1 billion 300 crores’


    Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan became an object of trolling recently while sharing the proof of his general knowledge of his neighboring country once while addressing the public stating India's population to be one billion and three hundred crores. His video has gone viral on social media and now he is again being questioned about his geographical knowledge. Khan was answering questions regarding the falling situation of Pakistan's Cricket team. He gave the example of New Zealand, with a low population beating India in the WTC Final.

    Quoting as India's population of one billion three hundred crores, he added that the country won the Test Cricket Championship before uttering the numbers wrongly. “India with a population of four or five million, with a population of one billion 300 crores, that they had won the Test Cricket Championship,” Imran Khan.

    Earlier, Imran Khan was trolled for saying Japan and Germany were neighbors, even denying China as its neighbor.

    Following which Twitter users are trolling this: "I'm sure Khan Saheb would also not know how many zeroes are there in billion," a Twitter user said. "This is the same guy who said Japan and Germany shared a border. He can…say anything," another user tweeted.

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