• Smartphone explosion on the wrist of 4-year old girl cause third-degree burns

    Smartphone explosion on the wrist of 4-year old girl cause third-degree burns

    China: A four-year-old girl from China experienced third-degree burns following her wristwatch exploded on her wrist.

    The girl was immediately hastened to the clinic, where she had to get skin implementation following the incident.

    You might be wondering that technology has improved a lot in recent years. However, such incidents seem to break the belief. 

    The victim has been recognized as Yiyi Huang, who belongs to the city of Quanzhou in the Chinese province of Fujian. 

    As per Yahoo News Australia, the occurrence took place earlier this month as Yiyi played with her youthful cousin. That is when her grandmother discovered a loud bang accompanied by Yiyi's cries.

    Grandmother hurried to check on Yiyi to discover dark smoke and a smoldering smell in the air. She realized that the smoke appeared from Yiyi's wrist and inspected to discover that her smartwatch had erupted directly on her wrist.

    Soon her watch was taken out from her wrist and was taken to the hospital. Doctors said that she was affected with third-degree burns, which require skin grafting.

    The girl's dad has reached the unnamed smartwatch company and is asking for compensation. Mr. Huang stated that his uncle purchased the watch online and never held a SIM card within. 

    It's not the primary account a child's watch has caught fire in China. As per comparable stories, a similar occurrence also appeared in Jiangmen, Guangdong, on November 6th, 2018.