• U.S set foot on 160 million fully vaccinated Americans, says Joe Biden

    U.S set foot on 160 million fully vaccinated Americans, says Joe Biden

    The United States is all set to reach the mark of 160 million people to get fully vaccinated by the end of this week, stated U.S President Joe Biden on Tuesday. Biden also said that the country is closer to declare independence from coronavirus. 

    Covid-19 cases and deaths came down by 90% since January. Millions of fully vaccinated Americans have been living their lives out of fear from the deadly virus, added Biden. Biden felt proud to receive the results from the Covid-19 team for getting closer to vaccinate all the Americans. The Covid-19 team administers 300 million shots in arms in just 150 days. More than 182 million Americans received at least one shot completing 90% of seniors and 70% of adults over the age of 27. 

    Biden has set a goal to reach the mark of 160 million fully vaccinated Americans by the end of this week. He set this goal in March and few months he is going to set the mark. He further stated “ The bottom line is: The virus is on the run, and America is coming back. We’re coming back together. This is one of the greatest achievements in American history, and you, the American people, made it happen”. 

    The President also put his concern fighting against the virus and getting prepared for the Delta variant”. Delta variant is more deadly and Mr. Biden is getting himself prepared for all the outcomes. He is relieved that the vaccines are highly effective. With the research, fully vaccinated people are likely to get affected by the deadly virus.