• At least 70 million messages were sent via whatsapp and Facebook Messanger: Study


    New Delhi: Covid-19 pandemic and the lockdown has redesigned the lifestyle of the people around the world. It greatly impacts communication, making it mandatory for most of the works to be done through the Internet. So for some Internet has become part and parcel of life.

    A recent study by Statista unveils what happens every minute on the Internet in 2021.
    According to a study, in every 60 seconds, more than 500 hours of content are uploaded on YouTube and two million swipes on Tinder.

    Moreover, within one minute, more than 70 million messages were sent through whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. In one minute, 695,000 stories were shared on Instagram.

    At least 28,000 subscribers watched Netflix in one minute, whereas 5,000 Tik Tok videos were downloaded.

    On the other hand, in LinkedIn, at least 9,132 connections were made, and 197.6 million emails were sent in a minute.

    The study claimed more than 1.6 million US dollars was spent online around the globe.
    Hence, it proved that how the Internet is ruling our life. The digital world is a universe of its own. In every minute, numerous downloads and uploads, posts and searches, messages sent and received, listen, and stream happen worldwide.

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