• Cremate our bodies together: Police recover dead bodies along with a suicide note


    Kolkata: On Wednesday, a young couple was found dead in their rented apartment in Kolkata’s Salt Lake City. As per preliminary reports, the couple – Srutidha Guha Biswas (40) was lying lifeless on the bed while Debasis Dasgupta (45) was hanging from the ceiling fan in the same room.

    A suicide note was also found in the room, stating that the couple was killing themselves out of some financial trouble and requested their family to cremate them together.

    During the investigation, the police found ligature marks around the woman’s neck.  From preliminary theories, it seemed as if the man committed suicide after killing the woman, according to a report published in the Times of India.

    The police found out that the couple had booked a flat for one and half months via a property app. According to the landlord's statement, they told him they were in a relationship and had a family dispute in Chennai, and had decided to live in Kolkata. They were scheduled to leave the flat on Wednesday and head back to Chennai.

    The caretaker of the house reached the apartment to take over the possession of the keys. Upon reaching the flat he found there was no response even after multiple ringing of the doorbell. He then informed the house owner of the same and subsequently, the police were informed.

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