• Himmat Mat haarna beta: Girl tops exam, dedicate her success to parents who died of covid this year

    Himmat Mat haarna beta: Girl tops exam, dedicate her success to parents who died of covid this year

    Bhopal: This is a heart-wrecking story of two children who lost their parents amid pandemic this year. However, Vanisha Pathak of Madhya Pradesh's Bhopal made an incredible achievement in her CBSE board exams.

    She has scored 100 marks in English, Sanskrit, Science, and Social Science Class X CBSE exams and 97 in Mathematics. This result comes out as an inspiration for any student.

    Two months before exams, the 16-year old girl faced the darkest time of her life. Both of her parents died due to Covid 19 complications in May 2021. Vanisha was left alone with her 10-year-old brother Vivan. 

    The happy family suddenly broke apart into tears of darkness. She realized that she was the only family left for Vivan.

    Pathak said, "(The memory of) my parents certainly held me motivated and will drive me throughout my life (however) he (the brother) is the most significant cause of motivation right now... I am all he has and that keeps me going. And, I need to do something."

    "The last word my mom spoke to me was 'just believe in yourself... we will back soon'. The last words of my father were 'beta, himmat rakhna' (stay strong, my child)," she continued.

    Pathak's exceptional results showed her dedication towards her will to do something for her family. She has kept the last words of her parents and intends to achieve more in her life. Pathak proves that commitment and willpower describe it all.

    She said that her father wanted her to see her going Indian Institute of Technology. But, apart from that, he wanted her to crack UPSC and deliver her service for the people of the nation. 

    Vanisha Pathak has let her tears and grief replace her words. Instead, she has composed a piece of art saying, " I'll be a strong girl, daddy..."

    You can read her composition and feel her pride in being the daughter of her most beloved parents. She writes:

    "With a heavy heart, I bid you goodbye

    For you left me all alone to cry.

    Now every tear fetches a memory of yours,

    But I hold it back and don't let it flow...

    ... won't let pain overpower me,

    and I'll stand tall.

    ... I'll be the reason for your pride,

    with a hope to see you again someday

    when we all, with no worries, will make hay..."

    Presently, Vanisha Pathak and her brother Vivan live with their maternal uncle and aunt.