• Kerala renowned snake catcher Vava Suresh bitten by cobra; condition critical

    Digital Desk: On Monday, Vava Suresh, the snake catcher from Kerala known for rescuing snakes from human environments, was bitten by a cobra. His situation is still critical. Suresh attempted to capture a cobra when the snake bit him on the right leg in Kurichi, Kottayam. He was sent to the hospital right away. Also Read: BJP MP & Actor Ravi Kishan Faces Legal Actions for Violating Covid Norms and Poll Code Vava Suresh was tasked with capturing a snake that had appeared in the neighbourhood three days prior. Suresh has been on a ventilator twice and has been bitten by snakes before. Suresh is undergoing treatment at a private facility. His condition is still severe, and he will be sent to Kottayam Medical College for ventilator assistance. This is a developing story, more details awaited.

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