• Minister’s visit to flood-hit Madhya Pradesh goes awry, airlifted by IAF


    Bhopal: State Home Minister of Madhya Pradesh Narottam Mishra had a harrowing experience after he visited flood-affected areas in Datia district of the state. However, on reaching the spot he got stuck and had to be airlifted by the Indian Air Force.

    Mishra received news of nine people stranded in the area. He went in his motorboat along with a group of relief workers to rescue the stranded people. Upon reaching the area a branch from a tree broke and fell on his boat. The boat's engine stopped working and he got stuck in the flood-hit area.

    Narottam Mishra then sent messages to government officials and an Indian Air Force helicopter arrived to rescue him and the nine others stranded at the spot. The IAF personnel lowered a rope from the helicopter, rescued the minister by safely pulling him up.

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