• THE BILLIONAIRE RAJ: Ambani vs Adani


    New Delhi: With the humongous daily increase in the wealth of two India based business tycoons, India is able to mark its name in the list of the World's richest humans; Ambani and Adani inked their names in the list of the World's richest humans with immense dedication and by making proper use of the biggest asset in one's life – TIME.

    There has been a neck-to-neck fight between Reliance Industries Limited Chief Mukesh Ambani and the chairperson of Adani group Gautam Shantilal Adani to conquer the throne of India's richest man. 

    According to Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Adani's fortune stood at USD 89.1 billion on Thursday, just USD 0.6 billion less of Ambani's USD 89.7 billion. Their wealth fluctuation is often based on their companies' share prices/market caps and in the past few sessions, baring Thursday, RIL's share price/market cap has seen a plunge while the market-cap of Adani Group companies has seen a strong rise as most Adani shares are now trading at an all-time peak. 

    Ambani has been ruling the market of India for a long time bearing the title of India's richest business tycoon for many years. On the other hand, Adani has subsequently seen an increase in his net worth this year. In 2021, Adani added USD 55.3 billion to his fortune compared to Ambani's USD 13 billion. 

    It would be now interesting to know in the latter part of this decade who will conquer the title of Indias richest business tycoon!

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    But on the other picture featuring the commoner's life, there is also a competition which is full of pain and grief, where the general public continuously struggles to fill up his and his family's stomach.

    They do not have much to do with Ambani or Adani's net worth, all that matters to them is 'roti ,kapda aur makaan'.

    India pinnacles list of countries hit by hunger and poverty, this year India's position on the Global Hunger Index (GHI) is 101 out of a total 116 countries. Last year, it ranked 94 among 107 countries. Currently, it is among the 31 countries where hunger has been identified as serious. 

    The possibility of elite sections property manifolds whereas the poor section of this country are getting poorer each passing day. Where there is a competition to live and to pass another day, where rich are getting rich and others are living in a glitch. This is the Billionaire raj, where billions are living in castles made of cards.

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