• Exit Polls 2023: BJP holds vital meet today on 'probable election results', Check EXIT POLL REACTIONS from 5 states

    Exit Polls 2023: BJP holds vital meet today on 'probable election results', Check EXIT POLL REACTIONS from 5 states

    BJP is ahead in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, while the Congress may retain power in Chhattisgarh...

    Digital Desk: With the 5 state election heading nearer an important meeting of the BJP's General Secretaries on 'likely election outcomes' will be place at the party's headquarters in New Delhi today.

    Exit poll results for all five states in the 2023 assembly elections - Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan, Telangana, Chhattisgarh, and Mizoram - are out, with the BJP and Congress each winning two states.

    According to preliminary forecasts, the BJP is ahead in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh, while the Congress may retain power in Chhattisgarh. According to projections, Congress may dethrone BRS in Telangana.

    The votes for all five states will be counted on December 3.

    Following are the EXIT POLL REACTIONS from the states-


    Uma Bharti, a BJP leader, stated that she does not "rely" on exit polls. 

    "They forecast that a party will win between 112 and 130 seats (out of 230 MP seats). Now, if that party wins 112 seats but loses the election, the exit pollsters claim they were correct. "However, if that party wins with 120 seats, the exit polls show that their prediction was correct," she remarked.

    "I sincerely hope my party forms the government in Madhya Pradesh. I have a lot of respect for MP Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan," Bharti told reporters.

    Taking dig at the BJP "Exit poll results are very diverse," remarked Congress leader Digvijaya Singh.

    "We are powerless to intervene. I am confident that the Congress will win more than 130 seats in Madhya Pradesh...People want to see change...People are becoming weary of CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan," he added.


    Deepak Baij, President of Chhattisgarh Congress, expressed confidence that his party will win '80% of the seats' in Telangana.

    "The vibe in Madhya Pradesh and Telangana is positive. In Telangana, we will receive almost 80% of the seats. Congress will establish government in four states," he stated.

    Exit polls, according to BJP senior leader Saroj Pandey, reveal that "people have shown their trust in PM Modi."

    Former Chhattisgarh CMand BJP leader Raman Singh stated, "The BJP rose from 15 seats to 48 seats. I believe that this will pass 48 seats that we will secure 55-56 seats, BJP will form a government with a clear majority...Those who are afraid are discussing Operation Lotus."

    "We had set a target of 75 seats and we will stay close to that figure," Chhattisgarh CM and Congress leader Bhupesh Baghel said.


    Exit poll results were termed "victory of people" by Telangana Congress president Revanth Reddy.

    "This was not a Congress vs. BRS election. BRS was opposed by 4 crore individuals. We will receive approval for the six assurances and will make it an act in the first cabinet itself. Congress will win this time, as seen by exit polls. We'll have more than 80 seats...There is a screening committee, then a selection committee, and finally the CWC must make a decision (for CM). There is a procedure for everything in Congress," stated Revanth Reddy.

    "As PCC president, I will have to obey every order from the top," he stated.

    Robert Vadra stated that he "doesn't put too much faith in exit polls."

    "I trust in the final result, which will be announced on December 3...In the previous two months, I've met a number of folks who want to make a change. People are outraged, particularly in Madhya Pradesh. They were displeased with way the BJP deposed the ruling administration...We'll find out on December 3. I believe we will have very good results for the Congress," Vadra said.


    Despite a minor advantage for the incumbent MNF, exit poll estimates by several survey organisations indicate a close race in the state between the Zoramthanga-led Mizo National Front and the Zoram People's Movement. 

    The state saw a tense triangular election battle between the incumbent Mizo National Front, the opposition Zoram People's Movement, and the Congress.


    According to India Today-Axis My India, the Congress may receive 42% of the vote in Rajasthan. The BJP, on the other hand, is predicted to win 41 percent of the vote in the state. Other parties may receive 17% of the vote. Mayawati's Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) is expected to receive 2% of the vote.

    The Rajasthan Assembly has 200 seats, with a majority of 101.

    Rajasthan assembly elections were held in a single phase on November 25, with the ruling Congress facing off against the opposition BJP in a closely fought campaign.

    Furthermore, the poll results will serve as a litmus test for the NDA government ahead of the Lok Sabha elections in 2024.