• Akhil Gogoi to address on listing Sivasagar as a heritage site in Assam Assembly meeting


    Guwahati: Sivasagar is a land of the cultural heritage of Assam and its history. Keeping this point in concern, Sivasagar MLA Akhil Gogoi has stated that he will approach the Assam Assembly meeting today on the expression of listing Sivasagar as a heritage site.

    Gogoi will present facts upon why it is essential for the historical place Sivasagar to be declared as a state heritage site, national heritage, including international heritage site.

    Additionally, the MLA will be addressing the steps and process to be followed by the government and the concerned departments in listing Sivasagar as the heritage site.

    Gogoi had acquainted that he will pass a 15-minute talk on the concerned matter following the assembly question and answer session. He further believed that a decision in this respect will be chosen in the assembly.

    He had also informed that Sivasagar has 551 historical contents. He had further presented all the required records needed to represent the town as a heritage site to the assembly.

    The MLA moreover said that it is not solely the accountability of an MLA to make attempts to represent Sivasagar as a heritage site, however, the engagement of the state Cultural Minister and the Chief Minister of Assam and the Assamese people altogether.

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