• At least 22 one-horned rhinos killed by poachers in the last five years, says Minister Parimal Sukla


    Guwahati: In the last five years, at least 22 one-horned Rhinoceros were killed by poachers, Assam Environment and Forest Minister Parimal Suklabaidya said.

    In reply to a question asked by AIUDF MLA Sirajuddin Ajmal, during the assembly hour, the Minister asserted that 22 rhinos were hunted down, of which nine rhinos were killed in 2017, seven in 2018, three in 2019, two in 2020, and one in 2021.

    “Government data showed that poaching is decreasing every year,” claimed the Minister.

    “Assam government has set up 10 fast-track session court for fast judgement of wildlife related crimes.” the Minister said.

    Reportedly, 644 poachers have been arrested until June 1, and 25 cases were registered against them by the Assam government.

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