• Golaghat: Angry tea garden workers attack police, vandalize police vehicles


    Golaghat: The tea garden workers of Golaghat were reported to hit police on Saturday. Further, they have also vandalized the vehicles of Assam police authorities.

    The incident took place at the Doyang Tea Garden of the Golaghat district in Assam on Saturday.

    The workers of the tea garden have allegedly beaten up the police personnel. The police sought to take out action against unlicensed liquor dealing in the garden.

    The tea garden workers of the Doyang Tea Garden had further vandalized the motor vehicles of the police. The people have additionally started a protest against the Jamuguri Police in Golaghat.

    The locals of the tea garden claimed that the policemen had knocked them without any fault. Also, they have demanded that they need justice against such acts of police personnel.

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