• Guwahati city breaks the record in Liquor sale, negative response in online mode


    Guwahati: Record-breaking sale of liquor in Guwahati city surprises Excise Department. However, the record revenue collection come from offline mode liquor sale, and not from online mode.

    Reportedly, in the last four months, the excise department has collected a record revenue of Rs 12,34,93,189 crores from the wine shops of Kamrup (Rural) and Kamrup (Metro).

    But even after 24 days of the online mode introduction, the government didn't receive satisfactory numbers from the liquor sale.

    In a conversation with Prag News, Superintendent of Excise Department Manabi Das stated, “So far through online mode only 137 orders have been received, and due to nonpayment through online mode, there are 238 pending orders.”

    Reports say 70 wine shops had registered in the excise department for the online sale. But most online wine shops have postponed the delivery as the delivery boy was not eager to go for delivery in fear.

    Notably, online delivery of liquor in the states like Delhi, Karnataka, Odisha, Kerala have succeeded in collecting a positive response from the people, but it seems this initiative has failed to collect a positive response from the people of the state of Assam.

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