• In a major breakthrough,19 cobras and a Banded Krait rescued in Nalbari, released into the wild


    Nalbari: In a major breakthrough, a team of Assam Forest officials rescued 19 cobras from Nalbari forest range before releasing them into the wild.

    “In one of the big breakthroughs by our staff, 19 numbers of cobras have been rescued & released into the wild by Nalbari Forest Range team under North Kamrup Division,” the official Twitter handle of North Kamrup Forest Division tweeted.

    Among the rescued cobras was a branded krait found by two youths from Nalbari who are engaged in conservation work.

    The banded krait, the largest species of kraits, are found in India and South East Asia, and measure about 6 feet in length. This elapid snake species is easily identified by its alternate black and yellow crossbands.

    The baby cobras were found in the Helacha health sub-centre by Homen Talukdar of the Nalbari Satra area, and handed over to the forest department on Monday evening.

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