• Mizoram’s civilians are threatening us says, Minister Ashok Singhal


    Silchar: In the midst of tensions between the Assam-Meghalaya border, Cachar Guardian Minister Ashok Singhal stated the Mizoram’s civilians are threatening the people of Assam with weapons in their hands.

    Ashok Singhal told ANI, “In one of the video footage the Mizoram’s civilians with arms in their hands threats us, so for the safety of the people of state we have issued an advisory notice for the Assam people not to visit Mizoram. If anyone goes there we are not responsible for it.”

    “Provocation still continues from Mizoram sides further; arbitration will take place with Union Home Ministry. We handed the post to neutral forces but Mizoram still didn’t withdraw its police personnel from the post.” added the Minister.

    Moreover, the Assam police issued a notification stating that to check the trafficking of drugs, all vehicles coming from the Mizoram side will be checked at all the entry points in the Assam-Meghalaya border.

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