• NERAMC initiates first-ever maize export to Bangladesh from Assam

    NERAMC initiates first-ever maize export to Bangladesh from Assam

    Guwahati: The North Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited (NERAMC) starts exporting the shipment of Maize to Bangladesh for the first time. 

    The first order of the consignment holds for 50 MT of maize from Assam. However, NERAMAC assumes this will initiate the floodgate for shipping the different Agri-Horti products of Northeast India to more developed markets.

    Concerning the export, Assam Agriculture Minister Atul Bora hailed off the cargo in the presence of a host of dignitaries. 

    Minister Atul Bora said that the state executes enormous potential for touching new markets. Additionally, it can advance in bringing more substantive profits for the farmers of Assam.

    He added, "I congratulate NERAMAC in this effort and believe that this is the origin of several more trading deals."

    In response, NERAMAC Managing Director Manoj K Das stated, "This first order is a learning exposure for the unit NERAMAC. However, this is simply the commencement. Bangladesh needs around 43 lakh MT of maize every year. The bordering nation can reach more than half of their demand from the north-eastern province. In prospect, there can be ancillary productions like cornflakes, furfural spirits from hops, etc."

    Das further appreciated the unit NERAMAC, directed by Arjun Bhopal, for its enthusiastic commitment towards achieving sales reaching all legal terms of export.

    NERAMAC join hands with Simura Industrial & Mercantile Company Ltd in Bangladesh for this business. 

    The North Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited has been focusing on improving the situation of peasants of the North-Eastern Region. They initiate this by granting them a platform to trade their products at a reasonable and fair price.