• Sexual Assault Case Update: Man who groped woman at Rukmini Nagar, Guwahati arrested by Dispur Polic


    Guwahati: The man who allegedly sexually assaulted a woman at Guwahati's Rukmini Nagar has been arrested by Dispur Police on the complaint filed by the victim.

    In an utterly shocking incident of a sexual assault in Guwahati’s busy Rukmini Nagar area, opposite Down Town Hospital in GS Road, a girl heading towards her workplace was groped by a man passing by on his scooty. The girl narrated her ordeal on Facebook explaining the kind of predators prowling even in day time, finding chances to to quench their sexual urges.

    The accused identified as Madhusana Rajkumar, a resident of Panjabari approached the victim who was coming from the opposite side. The man allegedly enquired the girl about an address. When he girl denied not knowing the address, the man then further coxed the girl whether she knows about ‘Sinaki Path’. The girl politely denied knowing any ‘path’ by this name following which the man allegedly groped her private parts.

    Taken aback by this sudden action, the girl gave no time for the man to elope and instead dragged him with all her might and tried to pull back the scooty. The girl managed to drag the man, throw him along with the scooty into the drain while crowd gathered to see what commotion was taking place.

    Meanwhile the victim has been applauded by netizens for facing the situation bravely and highlighting the deteriorating situation of girl's safety even during daytime.

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