• Supreme Court slams Manipur government over pathetic condition of Covid care centers


    New Delhi: The Supreme Court slams the Manipur government over the state’s pathetic conditions of covid centers.

    The Apex court said, “Manipur government preparation for the covid care center is absolutely pathetic. The centers were not well maintained at all. The High court has done the right by taking up this issue.”

    “It’s so pathetic that it doesn’t have separate toilets for male and female.” added the Apex court.

    Moreover, SC said, “The high courts are the mainstay of ensuring that justice was done during covid. We will not interfere in this. Next time don’t come to us like this.” said SC.

    In July 2020, the Manipur government approached SC against the order of the Manipur High court over the pathetic condition of the covid care centers in the state.

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