• The long wait and then the journey: Conundrum of an early city bus ride

    The long wait and then the journey: Conundrum of an early city bus ride

    Guwahati: The morning hours before stepping into the big, busy, monotonous itinerary, is a moment of victory for all. And why not? After all, we are all dashing off to a great start, accompanied by the salty sweat dripping through your eyebrows while stepping out.

    The world outside awaits you with its wide open arms. And you, like the multitudes of many others, waiting on the queue, like the early bird for the CITY BUS.

    Yeah, the wait is gruesome. A mandatory wait of half an hour or so, or maybe more than that. That 'slow and steady wins the race' quote seems to be futile at that moment, when you see your bus slowly coming out from the magic wilderness of the city traffic.

    Now you take a deep breath, as you have accomplished the half morning battle with 'ease'. As you meticulously grab the window seat, you seem to be lost in your thoughts. The journey is lively, as the morning breeze caresses your face and enlightens your inner sub consciousness. You are enjoying the bus ride, but here comes the spoilt sport. Every five minutes, the bus takes a 'cumulative pause' at every single bus stand which then becomes a battle of rousing voices within itself.

    Voices of revolt begins to hurtle inside the bus, as the ride now seems to become more longer, more noisier, more irritating.

    The bus begins to show its true colour. The driver then begins to introduce the passenger to his game plan. After every bus stand, the bus begins to stop for at least 5-8 mins, considering the decibel at which the passengers begin to curse the driver and the conductor.

    An optimistic day turns into a pessimistic journey with your early rising practice going into the garbage dump. So what awaits ahead? More stoppages, more waiting, more delay, and the rise in your mercury with a sudden outburst at the conductor.

    City buses have been your "friends with benefits", yet you are more on the losing side as you preach 'time is money'.

    A regular bus traveler seems to have aced the habit of raining curse words on the conductor and the driver (as if they care), yet the bus will move in it's own sweet time