• Women's safety: A lingering question amid rising cases of molestation, sexual abuse in Assam

    Women's safety: A lingering question amid rising cases of molestation, sexual abuse in Assam

    Guwahati: Recent cases of molestation, abuse, rape, and harassment of women in Assam have raised a question for all. Is Assam really a state for women?

    This question is serious for the state to discuss as such crimes continue to prevail every day. The Crime in India 2020 report notes that the crime rate against women in Assam was 154.3, way higher than the national percentage of 56.5.

    Speaking about some of the recent incidents happening in and around Assam takes us to the recent incident of Mangaldai. A video of an auto driver tried to expose himself sexually went viral. 

    As per police records, the one arrested has been identified as Mukul Ali. The video highlighted that the man driving the auto-rickshaw started to expose him and started masturbating in public. 

    According to police reports, the video was made public through a mutual friend of the girls. An FIR has been registered against the driver of the auto-rickshaw for abusing two college girls in public. 

    Just a day after this incident, another case started taking ear among the citizens. A case has been registered under section 341/294/509/354/506/391 by a victim of sexual assault and rape. 

    A woman from Nalbari living with her husband and a child was harassed for a year by an accused named Midul Ahmed, a resident of Nalbari. She was raped and threatened by the accused and was asked to stay quiet regarding the matter.

    The accused Midul Ali also made a video of the woman and made it viral on social media platforms. Later, the accused got arrested on September 10 under an FIR filed against him by the victim. However, three days after the arrest, Midul Ali comes out on bail. 

    In another incident on March 28, an undergraduate student at the IIT-Guwahati alleged sexual assault by unknown institute seniors after she was found unconscious outside her hostel.

    However, The Guwahati High Court stated in its order that the accused is "talented" and "future assets" to the state of Assam and provided bail on the grounds.

    How safe do you think a woman can be in such situations? If alleged rapists and crime doers come out on bail every time, what safety is left for the women in the state?

    A shameless incident happened just a few days back in Dibrugarh. A video of a man named Ritu Raj abusing a woman standing in front of him while in a queue at the Dibrugarh branch of SBI has been arrested by the Dibrugarh police. 

    These days the cases of molestation, sexual abuse, wrong exposing and rape are never-ending crimes in Assam. Months ago, in a shocking incident involved in abusing a girl's modesty, a masked motorcyclist tried to molest a young girl on the appearance of asking for directions in Guwahati.

    Why has Assam displayed a hotspot for women's violence and disturbances in the last few years? It has made us question, rather harshly," Is Assam really a state for women?"