• Happy Birthday Diljit Dosanjh: 7 lesser known interesting facts about the Singer-Actor


    Digital Desk: Actor-Singer Diljit Dosanjh turned 38 today. He is a man of few words. We've only seen him open up a few times in his interviews, unlike many other celebs. Diljit, on the other hand, admits that he is not too fond of the format itself. However, when the beloved singer does get frank, he makes sure you pay attention to every word he says.

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    Here are 7 lesser known interesting facts about the Singer-Actor Diljit Dosanjh

    1. Diljit created the Saanjh Foundation, an NGO helping the needy, on his 29th birthday in 2013, donating to orphanages and nursing homes.
    1. The singer is also the first Sikh with a turban to have a Madame Tussauds wax figure. Diljit also owns the Punjabi clothing brands 'Urban Pendu' and 'WEARD 6'.
    2. Diljit's hit song, Proper Patola, released in 2013, was the first Punjabi song featured on Vevo. Dosanjh won seven Brit Asia TV World Music Awards for Kharku, Back 2 Basics, and Proper Patola. One for Do you know and CON.FI.DEN.TIAL each and two for Patiala Peg.
    3. Diljit Dosanjh is the second Punjabi musician after Gurdas Mann, who sold out the Wembley Stadium in Wembley, London. The stadium has more than 12,500 seats.
    4. Diljit is a sneakerhead; thus, he owns one of the most costly pair is the Adidas Yeezy 750 Boost, which retails for Rs. 5,9 lakhs.
    5. Diljit used to sing in Gurudwaras, and a producer reportedly persuaded him to alter his name from Daljit to Diljit when he entered the music profession. His village is called 'Dosanjh.'
    6. Diljit Dosanjh is reportedly a married man and has a son; however, he always refuses to speak about his personal life

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