• When Randhir Kapoor wanted his daughters to adopt him, called himself a horrible husband

    Digital Desk: Randhir Kapoor had stated that his daughter Kareena Kapoor does not want to have children. "Aaj kal ke bachchon ko kisi se advise nahi chahiye" (Kids nowadays don't seek anyone's guidance). "I'm satisfied as long as she's happy with her life," the Bollywood legend declared in 2014. In 2022, Kareena is having a happy family life with her husband, Saif Ali Khan, and their two boys, Taimur (2016) and Jeh (2021). Randhir revealed to Rediff how hard he had to work to support his family, which included wife Babita and daughters Karisma and Kareena. "I wish I was younger now." Aaj kal ke actors kitna saara paisa kamate hai (Today's actors are well compensated). We put forth a lot of effort to make money. My children's tuition, power bills, Babita ke kharcha (wife Babita's expenditures), and scotch were all paid for using money gained from appearing in films." Randhir's relationship with his daughters and son-in-law Saif Ali Khan is now that of a "normal family," and they don't discuss business at all. "We don't give career advice to anyone." We laugh, tell jokes, pull each other's leg, and speak about what's going on in our lives." Despite his divorce from wife Babita, Randhir has never shied away from discussing his personal life, parenting two girls, and the respect he and Babita still have for them other. "I still have one wife and two daughters." Nothing has changed around me in all these years. The only difference is that I no longer live with them. The daughters are married and live on their own. And Babita is in a good mood by herself. She hasn't married again, nor does she intend to, and neither do I. She is still my wife, and I am still her incorrigible, dreadful husband. "All well, then!" In 2016, he told TOI. Also Read: BHU Professor superimposes himself as Ram and wife as Sita, students enraged "My children are settled. In fact, both my daughters are wealthier than I am and I keep asking them to adopt me as their father, so that I can also be rich. I still meet Babita for dinner sometimes, we eat and laugh. That is the way we are,” he added. Randhir Kapoor, who turns 75 today, may have a filmography that includes memorable films such as Jeet, Raampur Ka Lakshma, Jawani Diwani, Hamrahi, Haath Ki Safai, Ponga Pandit, Kasme Vaade, Mama Bhanja, and Heeralal Pannalal, but Randhir's lineage and surname have kept him in the news more frequently over the last five decades. Randhir Kapoor, the son of Bollywood legend Raj Kapoor, described his father as his best friend with whom he could discuss everything. "I could openly discuss my girlfriends and escapades with him." He was unobtrusive and never inquired how much money I was making from a certain film or what projects I was working on," he told Rediff.

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