• Buying stocks is a kid’s game: Meet the new 12 year old retail trading icon with 43% gains in stocks


    Seoul: While adults of our age might be cringing on to how to manage the monthly budget with expenses rising and prices rising at an unprecedented manner, here is a 12 year old boy from South Korea for whom watching business news is a regular routine and maintaining his stocks.

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    Kwon Joon dreams of becoming the next Warren Buffett after earning a whopping 43 per cent returns from a hobby that he picked up last year: buying stocks. Kwon pestered his mother to open a retain trading account last April with savings of 25 million won ($22,400) as seed money, just as the benchmark KOSPI index began recovering from its biggest dip in a decade.”

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    I really talked my parents into it, because I believed an expert who was saying (on TV) that this is a once-in-a-decade opportunity," said Mr Kwon, who rode the steepest jump by year-end among MSCI's country indexes.."My role model is Warren Buffett," he added, in a reference to the U.S billionaire investor."Rather than short-term focused day trading, I want to keep my investment for 10 to 20 years with a long-term perspective, hopefully to maximize my returns."

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