• Dangerous Love: Judge falls ‘head over heels’ with murder convict, caught kissing


    Digital Desk : This is not your usual love stories that will make your heart to skip a beat as you read along. Making one fall for such ‘dangerously romantic ending’, well you need a cinematic spicy story, least witnessed or heard in our-day-to-day life. Take a breath because the end is not good in this context, as the story revolves around a judge and a murder convict.

    The legal bystanders would always consider their convicts as the most hated person on earth. So much so that, any relationship on the periphery of a romantic union does not hold any existence. Forget even thinking about such unions. Well, this judge has actually fallen deeply in love with her murder convict, making this incident cook up a storm in the social media world.

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    A woman judge was caught in a compromising position with a murder convict inside the court. CCTV footages posted online shows the judge kissing the convict while on her duty.

    Judge Mariel Suarez had voted against awarding lifer to Christian Mai Bustos despite being told that he was a “highly dangerous prisoner.”

    Christian Mai Bustos was booked for murder of a policeman and hence was tried for murder.

    The female Argentinian judge now faces legal hammer as she faces a barrage of questions owing to her leaked CCTV video and the alleged relationship with the murder convict.

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    The video of the judge kissing a convict was caught on the prison’s security camera.

    Shocked by the video surfacing on the internet, the Superior Court of Justice in Chubut province said it has opened an investigation into Comodoro Rivadavia Judge Mariel Suarez after the intimate CCTV video was posted online with her and inmate Christian Mai Bustos spending time together at the Penitentiary Institute (IPP) in Trelew.

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