• Welcome Internet Baby! Woman gives birth to 'eBaby' after ordering sperm online

    Welcome Internet Baby! Woman gives birth to 'eBaby' after ordering sperm online

    London: A 33-year-old British woman gave birth to ‘eBaby’ after buying a sperm and insemination kit from an online platform. The woman, desperate to have a baby, watched a YouTube tutorial before carrying out a successful DIY self-insemination. The woman has named her baby Eden.

    The women identified as Stephenie Taylor, resident of Nunthorpe, Teeside in England, was shocked to find out how costly private fertility clinics. She thought that she would never be able to have a second child.

    However, she regained back her composure after Stephenie found the ‘Just A baby App’, from where she bought sperm and ordered and insemination kit from eBay. Speaking to the Daily Star, Stephenie said that the baby was conceived on the first attempt after her donor came to her house to drop off his sperm. She described her baby a a “real online baby” and “miracle”.

    Stephenie exclaimed with happiness on having her second child. She says that if she didn’t have any access to all that electronically then Eden would never be here. Now she is happy to be a mom again and very proud of the way her baby came into the world.

    Stephenie contacted a sperm donor through the app and after messaging for three weeks, he dropped off his sperm at her house in January 2020. On October 15 last year, Stephenie then welcomed 61b 13 oz Eden and texted her donor to let him know.