• Miscreant loots money from patient's family at Guwahati Medical College

    Miscreant loots money from patient's family at Guwahati Medical College

    Guwahati: An incident of loot and robbery by a miscreant at Guwahati Medical College creates sensations among the people. Such cases of fraud seem frequent in the last few years in Guwahati.

    A terrible incident of loot took place at Guwahati Medical College last night. A miscreant trickily looted money from a patient's family in the name of admitting him to the ICU.

    The miscreant was identified as Navjit by the patient's family members. The person involved in the fraud claimed himself to be a staff of Guwahati Medical College. 

    According to the information provided by the patient's family, the one miscreant identified as Navjit asked Rs. 7000 for filling up the ICU form for treatment.

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    As per sources, the miscreant visited the beds of patients admitted to the hospital and asked for money for treatment purposes.

    The unfortunate family hails from Kahilipara, Guwahati. The family claimed that the miscreant who introduced himself as Navjit asked them for money and later fled away with the money without providing service.

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    A case has already been filled at the Bhangagarh police station, Guwahati regarding the incident. The investigation related to the fraud case is underway.

    Even though the police authorities of the state are taking strict measures to stop crimes and fraud cases, such incidents seem to be very frequent in the city. 

    Last year, a similar case took place in the city. The City Police has arrested five people involved with looting Rs 35 lakh. The amount belonged to GNRC Hospital in North Guwahati, and the amount was robbed when hospital employees were on their way to deposit the same in the bank on August 18, 2020.

    Another incident of daylight robbery took place in Guwahati this year. In a sensational robbery case, two bike-borne miscreants looted Rs 35 lakh in Guwahati's Fatasil area.