• Pak PM Imran Khan’s new offer to Kashmir: Join country or be independent


    Islamabad: A new development in the political autonomy over Kashmir has arisen wherein the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan offered a new “suggestion” saying that Islamabad would let people of Kashmir decide if they want to join Pakistan or become an “independent state”. India has asserted that Jammu and Kashmir “was, is and shall forever” remain an integral part of India.

    Addressing an election rally in Tarar Khal area of Pakisan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) ahead of the polls on July 25, Khan rebuffed claims of a leading Opposition leader that his government as charting out plant to make Kashmir a province of Pakistan.

    ‘I do not know where all this talk (about province) has sprung from,:” Khan said, while dismissing any such idea. Instead, the prime minister said that a day would come when Kashmiris would be allowed to decide their future as per the UN resolutions and expressed the confidence that the people of Kashmir on that day would decide to join Pakistan.

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