• Covid-19 saga amid vote counting

    Covid-19 saga amid vote counting

    India faces the worst-case scenario of the second wave of Covid-19. Every day there is a hike in Covid-19 cases. Many blame the government for their lack of handling the Covid-19 situations. With the rise of the Covid-19 cases, people are combating for oxygen, hospital beds, and many more. 

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    India unfolds the tragedy with the rising case of Covid-19. This led to the question: Does election and government ignorance contribute to the tsunami of Covid-19 cases? 

    The answer seems obvious. The Covid-19 guidelines state large gatherings of people without masking and physical distancing has a greater chance of transmitting the virus causing Covid-19.

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    The election rallies in all five states have witnessed large gatherings of people without following up the Covid-19 norms. Newspaper reports and TV coverage of the rallies showcase the visual evidence that masking and social distancing were utterly ignored. This scenerio showcases the rapid transmission of the virus and the subsequent rise in the number of Covid-19 cases.

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    As per the new policy, even after the launch of the third vaccination starting from May 1, the Government of India will continue giving vaccine doses from its 50 percent quota to the state and the Union territories for free. 

    On the other hand, just a handful of states can deliver Covid-19 vaccination. The center has assured vaccination from the age group of 18 to 45. But, the real scenario showcases a different story where people are still fighting to get a slot for Covid-19 vaccination. 

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    The election rallies and the lack of government put a question mark on every citizen. The following states' election results: Assam, Kerala, Puducherry, Tamil Nadu, and West Bengal, brings a question to every citizen's mind: Will, the upcoming government, control the surge of Covid-19 crisis?