• Women in Kerala stabbed to death by stalker, sister injured

    Women in Kerala stabbed to death by stalker, sister injured

    In what appeared to be a planned assault, 23-year old assailant K Vineesh first distracted the victim’s father by setting his shop on fire before entering her house and attacking the woman, when she was left alone with her 13-years old sister, and added that he also stabbed the younger sister when she tried to rescue the victim.

    Malappuram police superintendent Sujith Das said quoting residents that the accused was the victim’s senior in school and used to stalk her. Last year, her father filed a police complaint and he was let off with a warning by the police.

    The accused was also questioned once for alleged use of drugs when in school and the victim’s relatives, therefore, opposed his acquaintance with her, the police officer said. He is believed to have attacked her since she was spurning his romantic advances.

    After the incident, the accused boarded an auto-rickshaw but the driver got suspicious after noticing his blood-stained dress and took him to the nearest police station instead. Das said the accused is in police custody and further investigation in the case is on.

    The younger sister of the victim is now reported to be out of danger, the police officer said.