• AIFF hired astrologer to motivate the Indian Football Team: Report


    So far, no members of the AIFF board have commented on this issue.

    Digital Desk: According to shocking reports coming out of the Indian camp, the AIFF reportedly recruited an astrologer to assist the Indian team before their important matches against Afghanistan, Cambodia, and Hong Kong. 

    India had won each of the three matches, resulting in the Blue Tigers finishing first in the group and securing entry to the Asian Cup for a second consecutive year. This is also the first time India has ever achieved this milestone.

    An unnamed team insider stated, "A motivator was appointed for the National squad ahead of the Asian Cup. Later, it was discovered that the hired company was an astrological firm. To put it simply, an astrologer was hired to inspire the team."

    The AIFF reportedly spent a huge sum of Rs 16 lakh on an astrology company, which held three sessions with the Indian team. Fans, who were undoubtedly furious, pointed out that this money might have gone into improving the accessibility of football facilities around the nation, which would have helped Indian football as a whole.   

    Meanwhile, a former goalkeeper Tanumay Bose said, "Incidents like this would further degrade the reputation of Indian football at a time when the AIFF consistently failed to administer proper youth leagues, and numerous prominent events were forced to shut down." 

    So far, no members of the AIFF board have commented on this issue.


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