• Covid-19 vaccine supply shortage till June


    Kolkata: The situation is tough and people are still waiting to get vaccinated. The vaccination campaign is yet to get launched. West Bengal and other states and Union territories including Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi have stated to launch vaccination campaigns of citizens above the age of 18 years at a later date.

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    Doctors from West Bengal have stated that vaccination doses will be manufactured at the later phase till June. The managing director and chief executive officer of Kolkata’s Woodlands Hospital, Dr. Rupali Basu on Friday said “This time vaccine supply will not be provided by the government but we have been asked to write to manufactures directly and we have written to Bharat Biotech and SII for vaccines”. Further, she also added the vaccine manufacturers have replied for not being able to supply vaccines till June. “We’re ready with vaccination centers but the moment the vaccines come to us we’ll able to vaccinate”.

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    Along with West Bengal, the other states like Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Delhi have also delayed the vaccine shots as they do not have enough stock and are waiting for the vaccine manufacturers to provide a substantial number of vials to inoculate the citizens in the large age group of 18 to 44 years.

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    Dr. Rupali Basu also said, “May 1 is a holiday in West Bengal and the following day is the result day for assembly elections held earlier in March and April while May 3 and 4 are also not vaccination days”. Our vaccination starts on May 5, so we have four more days. Doctors are hoping to start a vaccination drive for the 18-44 age groups from May 5 onwards.

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    At this crucial time, the shortages of vaccination have brought more difficulties in the country. India has seen the Covid-19 cases being hiked to 300,000 cases daily over a week.


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